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The Culture Channel

Bureau of Mutants, Superhumans, & Costumed Vigilantes

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  • elspethdixon@livejournal.com
Elspeth is a former graduate student who now works as a records manager/glorified secretary. She likes fantasy, history, and slash, and was once far too into the Harry Potter fandom for her own good (and then, OotP came out). HP has since been replaced by Pirates, comicbooks, and the Old West. She writes fanfic, watches anime, Joss Whedon shows, westerns, and anything with Johnny Depp in it, and is a not-so-closet Marvel fan. Her favourite writers are Terry Pratchett and Barbara Hambly, and her favourite movies are Singing in the Rain, The Princess Bride, and Tombstone.

She occasionally writes articles on motorcycle races, and is also writing a historical fantasy novel about 18th century smugglers that she will finish someday. Really. She swears.

Collected fandom writings from the past five years can be found via Elspethdixon's Big Damn Fanfic List

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