Elspeth (elspethdixon) wrote,

Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption, 13/13

Title: Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption, 13/13
Authors: seanchai and elspethdixon
Rated: PG-13
Pairings: Steve/Tony. Also, various canon ships, including Peter/MJ and Luke/Jessica/Danny. Sharon/Winter Soldier, for your daily dosage of bondage kink.
Warnings: Denial fic. Blatant shipper fic. One non-canonical het pairing. Incredibly PG-rated porn. Terrifying amounts of snuggling and angst.
Disclaimer: The characters and situations depicted herein belong to Stan Lee and Marvel comics. No profit is being made off of this derivative work. We're paid in love, people.

Summary:Tony goes toe to toe with the Mandarin, while Steve, Sharon, Sam, and Bucky finally come face to face with Red Skull.

As always, thank you to harmonyangel and tavella for the wonderful beta job. It wouldn't be this good without you guys.

*Chapter One* *Chapter Two* *Chapter Three* *Chapter Four* *Chapter Five* *Chapter Six* *Chapter Seven* *Chapter Eight* *Chapter Nine* *Chapter Ten* *Chapter Eleven* *Chapter Twelve*

(Chapter Thirteen: And even more amazing was the day Captain America realized he truly loved Iron Man back)

Note: For a rundown of where this fic departs from current continuity, go (

Thank you to everyone who's been reading this fic; we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. We'll be archiving it over at Marvelfanfiction, so if anyone wants to read it all in one go, it'll be there in a couple of days.
Tags: avengers, comics, fic, resurrection fic, steve/tony

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